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Facebook Marketplace is increasingly growing in popularity with car buyers and car dealers discovering it’s a powerful tool in their advertising arsenal.

Car dealers can list cars free of charge on the site with the help of Marketplace partners and with the ability to talk customers directly via messenger.

Facebook place says Marketplace is a dedicated discovery and search experiences on Facebook designed to help millions of people find their next vehicle.

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For Car dealers looking to have an advantage in the marketplace, read on.


#1. Upload Listing Correctly

To maximize your presence on the marketplace, you need to send 100% of your used car inventory, across all price points to the platform. You can list certified pre-owned and pre-registered vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, boats and so many more.


#2. Provide Clear Vehicle Descriptions

Provide a clear and complete vehicle description, ideally 100-150 words and include details of any vehicle damages. Highlight any special features or equipment, from powering steering to in car satellite navigation.


#3. Use Quality Picture

Provide as many high quality Photos as possible (minimum 920x720px resolution). Listing with 15-20 photos usually perform well. And you need a minimum of two and a maximum of fifty.

Images should include photos of the front three quarters angles, cockpit, side and back, interior, engines, wheels and any dents.


#4. Keep your inventory up to the date

It’s important to keep your inventory up to date so that accurate vehicle information appears on Marketplace. Listing partners can create an automatic feed upload.


#5. Use Messenger to connect to Customers

Messenger is an instant messaging platform built into your dealership Facebook page.

Interested buyers can easily reach out to you through messenger to ask questions and clarify informations about the car they are interested in. And also schedule test drive.


#6. Select one Listing Partner

Working with one listing Partner will enable you to attribute Marketplace to the correct provider and accurately measure performance.

Listing is free but they may charge you for value added services.


#7. Update your Facebook account

Your Facebook account also sends across a message of what you are into. So do well to update your Facebook account to your present state and status.


#8. Keep Communication Short and Sweet

People expect businesses to respond quickly in less than 24 hours and provide timely updates. Communicate key points early in your conversation as that’s the main reason of the conversation.

In all you do always remember to KISS – Keep It Short and Simple.


#9. Consider Using a Chatbot

It’s highly recommended to use a third party chat provider to help you manage messages from people interested in vehicle listings they see on Marketplace.

We sure know that with these simple steps, you will definitely be successful in Marketplace.

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