Facebook Avatar: Avatars has being launched in Sub-Saharan Africa and that includes Nigeria. Avatar is a new way people express themselves online, this is an amazing feature in the Facebook app. You can use avatars to share a range of emotions and expressions via a digital expression that is unique to you. Read on to learn more about Facebook Avatar and how to create and use them.

africa facebook avatar

Facebook Avatar

This is a feature on Facebook that allows Facebook users to create a cartoon photo of themselves. This feature was launched early this year but has just been made available to people in Africa. Facebook Avtar has long been available to Facebook users in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and India.
As I said, Facebook Avatar is a feature on Facebook, so you don’t need to download anything. Your avatars can also be used in apps like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.


Note: This feature is not yet available in Facebook Lite, but is in the Facebook app.


How to Create a Facebook Avatar

To create an avatar, here are steps of how to achieve that:

  • Ensure you have the Facebook app, if you don’t, download and install the app. If you already have the app, ensure it’s updated to the latest version.
  • Open the app and go to the menu (the three horizontal lines at the top-right side of your screen)
  • In the Menu, select See More and click on Avatars
  • Click on Next
  • Select a skin tone and click on Next
  • After you select a skin tone, select a hairstyle, outfit, face shape, etc
  • After creating your avatar, click on Done
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Editing your Avatars

After creating your avatar, you would possibly still want to edit some changes. To edit your avatar, follow the steps below:

  • On your Facebook page, click on the “three horizontal lines” at the highest right side of your screen.
  • Click on “Avatars” then click on “See More”.
  • Next is to click on the “Edit” icon which is at the top-right side of the screen.
  • Your click will direct you to where you’ll start editing your avatar.
  • Now edit your avatar to your satisfaction.
  • Once you’re done editing, click on the checkmark icon at the top-right side of your screen.


How to Use Your Avatars

Interestingly, the Facebook avatar features don’t just allow you to create an avatar of yourself on Facebook. It allows you to share and use them as comments and stickers. you can also share your customized stickers on messenger, use them as your profile pictures, and on your feed.
If you actually want to understand how you’ll do all the above listed, then carefully follow the steps below:

As comments

  • Visit and click on on any comment section.
  • There, you’ll notice a “face icon”, click on the face icon.
  • Now scroll right down to rock bottom and click on on the “colored face icon” there.
  • As soon as you click thereon, you’ll see all the Avatars stickers displayed there.
  • Simply click on any avatar of your choice and send it.
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As stickers

  • At the highest right corner of your Facebook page, you’ll notice an option asking you to share as stickers.
  • Once you click on it, you’ll see many stickers which you’ll share together with your family and friends.

On Messenger

  • Click on the “face icon” in your text section.
  • Once you are doing that, you’ll see a text that reads: “Use Avatars as Stickers”.
  • Next is to click on the sticker icon and make use of your Avatar.

As your profile picture

  • Now that you simply are through with creating your avatar, click on the “three horizontal lines” at the highest right corner of your screen.
  • Now scroll down and tap “See More”, then click on “Avatars”.
  • Next is to click on “Set as a short-lived Profile Picture”.
  • Choose your pose and therefore the background color for your avatar.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Lastly, click on “Save” to share your avatar.

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