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Blog Images: A lot of people that are into blogging (bloggers), don’t know what a blog is or its types. They don’t even know how to add images to a blog, or the size of image to add. This article is all you need to know how to add blog images, or what a blog is. Let’s get started!

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What is a blog?

A weblog (blog for short) is an informational website or discussion published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). A blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog, a blog combines digital images, text, and links to other blogs.

A blog can also be said to be a platform where writers share their views on an individual subject.

Note: A diary entry as mentioned above, is a section of writing that has been organized by date. The entries within your diary are how you organize the feelings, thoughts, and opinions you are pouring into it. They break up your diary into smaller pieces, like chapters of a book. They can short or long as you want.

What is a blog used for?

A blog is used to aid marketing to a point where the content you deliver is targeted specifically to the wants or needs of your audience. It also provides answers to their most commonly asked questions or provides advice to areas within your niche that your business is an expert on.

Difference between a website and a blog?

The difference between a blog and a website is that blogs are regularly updated with new content, these contents are displayed in reverse chronological order i.e newer posts first. While Websites are static in nature, contents are organized in pages, and they are not updated frequently.

Types of Blogs

When creating a blog, it’s very important to choose the right blog. It helps you determine the right strategy to achieve your goals. Here is a list of types of blogs to select from.

Personal Blog

This type of blog doesn’t focus on a specific topic or audience. Here, bloggers write about what interests them: their hobbies, daily life, sports, beliefs, politics, etc., and they attract people that share the same interests.

Personal Brand Blog

This kind of blog is used to build credibility for the blogger as a thought-leader, speaker, and teacher within a specific niche. It’s often used for guidance, coaching, personal development, consulting, spirituality, etc. The focus of this blog is on building a relationship with the audience for lead-generation.

Corporate Blog

The focus of this blog is that the business itself- its own products or services with the aim of accelerating traffic for his or her business so as to realize customers. The topics are chosen so as to draw in visitors that have an interest in their specific industry.

Personal Services Blog

This blog discusses topics within the services that are offered. These are great for local services like lawn care, babysitting, house sitting, dog walking, junk removal, etc. The blog can make some money through ads or affiliate links. However, the first goal of this blog is for the blogger to get hired to perform the services.

Niche Blog

A niche blog focuses on a selected topic. Some are extremely specific (such as fly-fishing in TN) while others “niche-up” one notch (such as fly-fishing within the USA) to appeal to a rather wider audience. tons of times these are hobby blogs and find yourself turning into small personal matters blogs (and sometimes large-scale businesses).

Affiliate Blog

The content for this sort of blog focuses on products. It’s usually within the sort of product reviews or tutorials of using the products. the decision to action is to get the merchandise through the blog’s affiliate link.

Artist’s Blog

An artistic blog focuses on any sort of art that the artist creates, like paintings, drawings, sculpture, music, photography, writing, etc. However, they often include galleries, shops where you’ll purchase or commission work, articles that show the work, provide tutorials, etc

The Counter-Culture Blog

This blog uses a marketing method that’s divisive in its approach to content. Using the concept that each one attention is sweet attention, it attempts to face out from the gang by being as polarizing as possible to the favored view. It’s difficult to urge right. If not done well it can eventually be polarizing to those it attracts. Titles can seem more like clickbait. The key’s to not be rude, but dare statements against popular views.

Guest Blogs

The content for these blogs written by guest writers who are typically experts within the field. this is often different from hiring writers. this is often bringing in guest bloggers that have already got a following of their own so as to grow the audience

Case Study Blogs

The case study blog tries things bent to see what works. they struggle with different tools, techniques, strategies, etc., and report the results to the audience so as to supply insights into their fields. This essentially creates step-by-step guides that the audience can follow for fulfillment.


The content for this blog includes the embedded podcast (usually audio or video or both, from whatever platform it’s supplied from) and includes an outline, summary, or a transcript of the podcast, and links for the decision to action. The posts are episodic. The podcast usually takes the shape of a talk, webinars, interviews, training, etc


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