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6 Best free Movie Apps for iPad and iPhone 2020

Free movie apps for iPad and iPhone are always available. There are varieties of them. But in this article, we bring to you the best out of many. We highlight the top 6 out of the many tens.

Movies help us relax. It helps to ease the stress from our day to day activities. Hence, having a movie app on your iPhone or iPad will be beneficial to you as it will help to provide you with movies that would ease your stress.

The beauty of the article is that it not only give you the best 6 out of many but the best 6 that are free. In order ways, the apps given in this article makes it free for you to watch as many movies as possible at any given time you please to.

Mobile phones are very handy. It is easy and convenient to watch your favorite movies from those free apps. Furthermore, some of these apps allow you to download movies and watch them offline.

Top 6 best free Movie Apps for iPad and iPhone

#1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the most leading and famous digital media content providers.

Netflix IOS app can run on iPad and iPhone and is considered a good way to watch your favourite movies, TV Series, TV shows and other media content.

Unlike other free movie apps, Netflix offers you only one month of free movie trial after then you will need to choose a paid option so it not totally free.

Generally, Netflix doesn’t offer free movie content, but it gives you a wider range of media content to choose from one can say it is t arguably the best for media content providing.

So you can easily try it’s free one months trial and decide if it is worth your money.

#2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is one of the most popular iPhone media content providers. They provide you with hundreds of movies to choose from.

Without having to log into an account, you can choose from various categories which includes Action, drama, thriller, comedy, and many more.

You will also get shortcut to free movies in most popular and new arrivals.

Compared to other movie apps, popcornflix offers one of the best in respect to video quality it also offers regular DVD quality movie and no matter how big the movie is or how big the actors are it is always free.

#3. Moviebox

Moviebox is the IOS version of Showbox. It is one of the best iPhone movie app to use. It is safe and easy to use and most importantly it is free.

With Moviebox, you can have access to various free movies and tv streaming. Since Moviebox is not available on play store, you will have to find a way to install it on your iPhone.

#4. Viewster

If you love amine so much then viewster was made specially for you.

Without any signups or fee, viewster offers you instant access to awesome full-length movies, TV shows, amine and many more on your iPad and iPhone.

New movies, TV shows and Series, amines are uploaded weekly in other to keep you updated on the latest of them all.

Moreover, Viewster also gives you a chance to create a list of all your favorite movies so you can watch them whenever you please.

This free movie app supports Chromecast and Airplay and is also available in iTunes. So feel free to install the app on your iPad and iPhone as it is also free.

#5. Crackle

Crackle is also a popular free movie app available on your iPad and iPhone.

It offers lots of free content from different varieties including drama, action entertainment, comedy, full-length Hollywood TV series and many more.

In Crackles, there are many interruptions of advertisements during the duration of these movies.

Crackles also allow you to create a list of all your favorite media content.

It updates the movie on the site once in a month.

#6. Bobby Movie App

Bobby Movie app is one of the greatest and most famous free movie apps and is also highly recommended by most of its users.

Bobby Movie App brings you tons of free media content, ensuring that you enjoy a long-lasting entertainment and experience.

Presently, Bobby Movie App has so many exciting features that may include improved search engines, streaming HD on servers, Chromecast + Airplay support, multiple language support, Add to favorite and many others.

The next update of Bobby Movie App will also include Offline watching. So if you are looking for a better movie app, search no more.

In this amazing article, we have been able to bring to you the top 6 best free Movie Apps for iPad and iPhone in recent times.

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