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Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar – How Avatar Launched Across Sub-Saharan Africa

Facebook Avatar: Avatars has being launched in Sub-Saharan Africa and that includes Nigeria. Avatar is a new way people express themselves online, this is an amazing feature in the Facebook app. You can use avatars to share a range of emotions…
New Movies

15 Most Anticipated Upcoming New Movies in 2019

I hate boring movies, most importantly one with dull graphics. Just having a star in a movie is not enough that's why I took out time to select the Upcoming New Movies in 2019 with top stars, great storyline and emphasis on system-shaking blockbusters. I…
Dating App for Golfers

Dating App for Golfers – Millionaire Match / Golfer Mates

Dating App for Golfers: Do you know there is a dating app for golfers? Dating is not just a thing for one person. There are a lot of possibilities for singles, there are dating sites/apps for  golfers and many others. A lot of golfers out…
Christmas Movies for Kids

11 Best Christmas Movies for Kids to Watch

Best Christmas Movies: There`s no better way to get into the spirit of the holiday season than by watching Christmas movies. And lucky for you, there are so many festive family films to choose from. Not sure whereabouts to begin? Relax! We`ve…
Valentines Movies

Valentines Movies – 13 Love Movies to Download for Valentine Day

Valentines Movies We took our time to list out the Best Valentines Love Movies for you. Here are 13 best love movies ever made to watch on Valentine's Day   The Notebook (2004) - This movie is a 2004 American Romantic Drama directed…
Face Swap App

Top 7 Face Swap App for You – Android and iPhone

Top 7 Face Swap App: Social media is a thing for all, and it offers us so much to laugh about, and one of the recent trends in the virtual space is face-swapping. Face swapping pictures are a fun and straightforward thing to do. Oh! just…
handsome men

Top 10 Most Handsome Men In The World 2020

Handsome Men: Our world is full of beautiful people, but to be handsome is not just to have a beautiful face, but a man needs to be completely physically and with a charming personality. There are some guys who are just a class above in the…
Tik Tok 2020

Top 20 Most Followed Accounts on Tik Tok 2020

The top 20 most Followed accounts on Tik Tok 2020, is given in this article. Tik Tok is a social media platform. Not as popular as other social media platforms, but Tik Tok has definitely come to stay. It is a social media platform where people…


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